The Founders

Glenn Fischer, Managing Director

Throughout his business career, Glenn Fischer has been a consummate innovator, entrepreneur and leader.  When he founded KingAlarm Distributors, Inc. of New Jersey (KingAlarm) in 1979, it was a two-person business operating from a basement apartment.  When he sold the company in 1999, it was a more than $65 million business with 150 employees operating in 11 locations across the United States.
As a hands-on manager who built his business from the ground up, Glenn has an acute understanding of every aspect of business – from sales compensation and inventory control to the nuances of credit management to high-level financial management.  Through the innovative use of direct mail, Glenn re-defined the market for security alarm equipment.  His bold, strategic use of advertising and direct marketing techniques helped transform a respected regional supplier into the nation’s largest independent distributor of alarm equipment.

His focus on value added service, unique at the time in his industry, drove him to add products from new technology sectors – effectively expanding his customers’ business horizons.  In his desire to provide complete business solutions to his security industry clientele, he created King Central, a central station monitoring company.  King Central provided his customers with essential services plus value added support that fueled their growth while increasing business at KingAlarm.  His strategy helped build King Central into the nation’s largest independent contract central station. At their peak, before the 1998 sale of King Central, Glenn’s companies employed over 300 people.

Glenn has always recognized the business value of information technology. KingAlarm, under his leadership, was an early adopter and innovator in the use of information management systems. Glenn led the organization through all the processes required to automate the company and later, migrate it through several levels of higher technology.  His business-results driven approach kept the organization focused on implementing systems and functions that delivered significant bottom line benefits.  Glenn’s resourceful use of the data derived from his company’s information management systems played a central role in his business accomplishments. 

Nationally known as a leader in his industry, recognized by Ernst & Young, Inc., Merrill-Lynch and Inc. Magazine as New Jersey Entrepreneur of the Year in 1993 for Wholesale/Retail, Glenn Fischer brings a powerful wealth of business know-how to Worldwide Business Services and its clients.

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