Government Services

Government Services Worldwide currently works with police departments and municipalities and libraries throughout NJ. While our main business started with law enforcement solutions, our expertise and work ethic allowed us to expand into other municipal areas purely by referral.

Law Enforcement -
In 2003 our expertise in network security allowed us to create one of the first approved VPN solutions for NJ police mobile data transmission. This solution enabled a 300% increase in license plate checks, reducing the response time from 8 minutes to 4 seconds.

As technology has progressed so has Worldwide. We have designed and installed secure data communications installations for emergency command centers, in car networks for License Plate Recognition vehicles, and SSL-VPN access for remote users. A combined effort between schools and law enforcement, Worldwide designed and configured wireless access for camera systems to allow responding officers to monitor potential situations inside school bulidings.

Worldwide also provides disk based backup and off-site storage solutions to protect the data gathered by law enforcement agencies.

Municipal -
Municipalities have varied needs, and Worldwide provides flexible solutions to meet them. Fueled by referrals from the police departments, Worldwide has helped municipalities reduce costs, increase security and reliability of outdated networks.

Worldwide has helped municipalities move away from older slower technologies, and leveraging higher speed internet VPN solutions, reduced the cost of dedicated lines. In installations where the municipal government is combined with law enforcement or other agencies, we provide solutions to allow shared services, thereby reducing costs to both entities and the taxpayers.

Worldwide provides email spam filtering for all agencies, reducing the amount of email that is received and stored by email system. This allows for a reduced cost in the archiving of email for E-Discovery and other legal requirements.

Libraries –
Many libraries are tied to a county based library network. These county providers charge by the number of computers installed at the library. Costs can be reduced by removing the public access computers from the county system, and using readily available, and sometimes free, cable modems. In conjunction with the separation of networks, we also provide both staff and public access wireless access.

Education –
Wireless and mobile devices have taken over the educational marketplace. Worldwide provides centrally managed wireless access and filtering systems to meet the needs of today’s educators. We can provide separate networks and filtering rules for teachers, students and guests.

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